Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show Destroy Delusional Scott Lively

I have written about Scott Lively many times before and we've had a few e-mail debates where lively has shown himself to be truly irrational. He's not only vociferous in his homophobia, but in my view literally insane. Unlike opportunistic parasites like Maggie Gallagher, Tony Perkins and others of the professional Christian set who enjoy living well off of monies suckered from the ignorant and gullible, Lively is freaking insane. His totally discredited book, The Pink Swastika underscores the man's delusional world where there's a gay plot under every bush and rock. Well, this past week, The Daily Show exposed Lively's utter lunacy to a whole new generation in the way only they way that show can do it. Mediate has some details and here are highlights followed by a video clip:
More than half a century later, the journalists of The Daily Show have uncovered the real reason for the inhuman cruelty of the Third Reich: every last one of those Nazis was gay. Or at least that’s what Scott Lively, the president of the organization Defend the Family, contends. In search of the truth, Jason Jones went deep into the heart of New York’s gay community to find evidence for Lively’s argument.
Lively argues, with full certainty, that all the soldiers in the Nazi army, and especially Adolf Hitler and the people in his inner circle, were gay. The reason for the high concentration of homosexuality in the Naxi party, according to Lively? “Adolf Hitler,” he explained, “used homosexual soldiers because they were more savage than natural men… They didn’t have the restraint that a normal man has, and so it was easier for them to do some of the terrible things the Nazis did.” And not only were the Nazis gay, “they met in a gay bar.” As for that whole “persecution of the Nazis” thing, Lively contends that the Nazis persecuted gays to”distract public attention away from their own homosexuality.”

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Lively is the true face of the Kool-Aid drinkers that most follow the anti-gay mantra. One can only hope that the more exposure people have to exposes and spoofs like this one, the less credence the homophobes will receive.

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