Friday, July 30, 2010

Christopher Rice's Reaction to Mom's Announcement

Last night I wrote about author Anne Rice's decision to "Quit Christianity" because of the increasingly un-Christ like behavior and agenda of the most vociferous self-congratulatory Christians. Most people that I've spoken with agree with Rice's analysis of not wanting to be a "Christian" because they don't want guilt by association. Now, Karen Ocamb at LGBT Pov has caught the reaction of author Christopher Rice's reaction to his mother's decision. Yes, not all Christians are bad, but more and more they good Christians if you will are allowing the Christian brand to be turned into something vile and hateful. Here are the younger Rice's comments:
"For ten years I watched my mother bravely attempt to engage the hostile fundamentalist forces that dominate the leadership of almost every popular Christian denomination. She was met, in most instances with an iron wall of derision and scorn. Her departure from organized religion is a testament to the moral rot that exists at the politcized core of most church leadership. Throughout it all, her love and support of me as a gay man has never wavered and I love her just as much today as I did when she considered herself a member of the Catholic church.”
Oh, and I did modify my own Facebook page since I have given up Christianity as practiced by most alleged Christians.

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