Friday, January 01, 2010

ABC's Bi-Polar Approach to Gays

I'm not sure who is calling the shots at ABC, but the network's approach to gays seems a bit bi-polar. Adam Lambert gets censored and has appearances cancelled for kissing a guy on TV, yet ABC's "One Life To Live" carries the following touching gay love scene with plenty of kissing:

The American Family Association must be having a cow!! Don't get me wrong. I think the scene is wonderful in that it portrays love and affection as opposed to showing gays as just nellie boys or gay pride parade sexual freaks, which is how the Christian Right prefers to see us depicted. Same sex love is real and is legitimate and just maybe some stay at home moms watching OLTL will get that message - much to the horror of Pat Robertson, Don Wildmon and our other dedicated, homophobic foes.
As for ABC, I wished they'd have less fear show real gays showing intimacy and physical contact. Gays DO exist and we are part of society and there should be less fear of showing us as living, breathing, feeling humans instead of the typical stereotypes preferred by our foes.

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