Monday, December 28, 2009

Focus on the Family Condemns Uganda Bill

In a somewhat surprising move, Focus on the Family - until recently the parent organization for the fraudulent ex-gay ministry, Love Won Out" that "claims that gays can change their sexual orientation - released a press statement condemning the proposed "kill gays" bill pending in Uganda's Parliament. Few organizations have done more to demonize LGBT Americans than Focus on the Family which has toxic affiliates such as The Family Foundation in Virginia scattered across the USA. Wayne Besen at Truth Wins Out has the text of the press release:
"As a Christian organization, Focus on the Family Action encourages pro-family policies. As such, we respect the desire of the Ugandan people to shield their nation from the promotion of homosexuality as morally equivalent to one-man, one-woman marriage. That said, the purpose of laws is to make societies safer, and there is legitimate concern that the legislation being debated in Uganda will incite violence against homosexuals. That is morally unacceptable, as is enacting the death penalty for homosexuals, which some versions of this bill are reported to require."
-- Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family
It would seem that Focus on the Family cynically calculated that a failure to condemn the Uganda bill would be all too indicative of FOTF's real agenda against LGBT citizens. Would that a similar statement would be released admitting that Love Won Out's claims are untrue and were known to be untrue even as the lies were disseminated by James Dobson and his ex-gay for pay minions at FOTF.

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