Sunday, December 27, 2009

Anti-Gay Ad on DC Metro Buses

The anti-gay hate merchants have now moved into Washington, D.C., in an effort to either prompt Congress to override the Washington, D.C., city council's vote to provide for same sex marriage or put gay civil rights up to vote by the electorate. Were the targets of such efforts blacks or Jews, we all know that the effort would gain no traction. Moreover, there is no way in Hell that the DC Metro buses would be carrying ads pushing for a public vote to take away black or Jewish civil rights. Perhaps it is merely because I am currently reading "The Family," but I find it more than a little bit troublesome that PUBLIC transit buses are carrying religious based discriminatory ads. Yes, the jackasses and haters are free to say whatever vile filth about gays they want, but PUBLIC vehicles should not be carrying that message. Here are some highlights from MetroWeekly on this travesty:
The ad carries the website of StandForMarriageDC, a religiously motivated, anti-gay group that seeks to roll back the District's gay marriage law by forcing a voter referendum on the issue. The group's leaders have been continually denied by the DC Board of Elections and Ethics, the DC Attorney General, and the DC City Council on the grounds that such a referendum directly conflicts with the City's human rights ordinances.
Councilman David Catania noted during a November hearing that the last Advisory Referendum that sought to "diminish the rights of a minority" was in 1865 when a near-unanimous vote opted to block the emerging rights of freed African-American males to vote in the District.

I hate to say it, but my contempt for professional Christians - especially those who make a plush living peddling hate - is growing daily.

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