Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ohio Antigay School Beating Caught on Tape

Anti-gay violence and bullying seems to continue unabated despite the efforts of decent citizens to stop such heinous behavior? Why? Most likely because of the anti-gay lies and venom disseminated by individuals like Linda Harvey and falsely named "family values" organizations - read hate group - such as Family Research Council, America Family Association and the National Organization for Marriage on virtually a daily basis. The latest shocking example of the fruits of the Christianist hate campaign took place in Ohio where a 15 year old gay student was severely beaten while in class. Even more shocking, the episode was captured on the cell phone camera of another student (see the video above). The Advocate looks at this disturbing incident. Here are some highlights:

A brutal case of antigay bullying in an Ohio high school has been caught by cell phone video and is emblematic of violence experienced or feared by LGBT students every day.

The video catches the attacker waiting for the gay student, a 15-year-old boy named in the report as "Zack" by ABC's WSYX in Ohio. The station interviewed the victim's mother, who describes what she saw of the vicious beating on tape.

The mother told the station that her son might have a concussion and chipped teeth, and that she wants that attack pursued as a "hate crime." The mother is certain it was motivated by her son being gay.

"It's my son," she said, "and they did it just because he's a homosexual."

"I was waiting for somebody," says the boy, whose identity is hidden in the news report. "I covered myself, I shielded my body, and he just kept hitting me and nobody did anything." The station reports that antigay comments were made on the attacker's Facebook page two days earlier.

I truly hope that the boy's parents stop at nothing less than having the attacker prosecuted for assault as well as a hate crime. The attacker needs to be expelled from school and spend a lengthy period of time behind bars - as should his mentors like Ms. Harvey, Tony Perkins, and Maggie Gallagher, et al.

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