Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nutcase Lind Harvey Wants Gays Driven from Christianity and Threatens to Sue Wayne Besen

Over the years I have had some interesting e-mail exchanges with some of those in the Christian Right who in my opinion are certifiably crazy. One such Christian Right nutcase was Linda Havey of Mission America. Harvey holds herself as an expert on numerous issues and makes pronouncements on all types of topics. The problem is that Harvey holds no degrees that would qualify her as an expert on any of the topics she rants about, especial anti-gay issues. In an e-mail that I still have, Harvey herself confirmed that her only degree was in marketing. That's right, marketing. Not sociology, not mental health, not medicine, not even theology. Just marketing. Candidly, when I encounter someone as insanely extreme as Harvey, I have to wonder what dark psychological issue or form of mental illness could explain such hate, viciousness and derangement. Right Wing Watch looks at Harvey's latest lunacy. Here are some highlights:

To try to slither around sin is not a novel idea, but to organize a group of folks to proudly renounce the teaching of Scripture is fragrantly defiant. They have bought the idea that there are people who are born to be homosexual or bisexual or in the wrong-sex body, it defies not just the teaching of Scripture but common sense, what kind of a Creator puts someone in the wrong-sex body? Or creates people destined to mate with just the same-sex, never being able to create new life together and always having problems making the anatomy work.

Once you buy into the ‘born that way’ idea then self-delusion is not that far behind. There’s no evidence there are different humans called LGBTQ people, these are sinful behaviors, not in-born identities. . . . . They would be more respectful if they simply walked away from Christianity. But to try and stay and change it is worse than hypocrisy—it’s deception.

With more than sufficient provocation my activist Wayne Besen described Harvey as "The Most Homophobic Woman in America." Wayne went on to state as follows:

Unlike her more sophisticated counterparts, Harvey is a zealot without a filter who appears unable to finesse her fanaticism. She is outright paranoid of an imagined gay menace that in her diseased mind is lurking to corrupt children on every street corner. For example, Harvey's latest screed warns naïve mothers about the threat of openly gay doctors and nurses treating their children.

Harvey is also opposed to openly LGBT schoolteachers and claimed on her website that that, “These teachers then become role models, in-house activists, and possible confidants for students who want to start homosexual behavior. Student molestation becomes a real risk.”

In addition to this bullshit, Harvey also has more or less endorsed Uganada's reintroduced "kill the gays bill." In short, from what I have seen of Harvey's latest anti-gay screeds, Wayne is 100% on point. Nonetheless, Harvey had a "shit fit" and in a tweet - yes, it's amazing she knows how to use tweeter - threatened that she should sue Wayne for defamation. Wayne's response was as follows:

“Bring it on,” says Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “We hope that such a case would be aired on television so we can expose Harvey’s vile words in a court of law and in the court of public opinion. It’s bizarre that Harvey is upset because we quoted her verbatim, which tells me that on some level she is ashamed of her own hateful rhetoric.”

“Linda Harvey’s legal threats are frivolous and if they rested on any shakier legal ground they would be measured by the Richter Scale. I can only surmise her tweets are a pathetic and desperate ploy for attention,” said attorney Norm Kent. “We look forward to her next move and will take appropriate action.”

Some years back I received a similar threat from "ex-gay for pay" Stephen Bennett after I had challenged him on some of the anti-gay lies on his website that relied on "facts" proffered by Paul Cameron which had been previously proven 100% false. When I welcomed a lawsuit where the rules of evidence and discovery rules would have yielded a treasure trove of information against Bennett, Bennett suddenly became conciliatory and the bogus information was removed from Bennett's website.

I hope Wayne keeps up the pressure on Harvey and, if she's stupid enough to sue, it will be most delicious to see her proven to be a liar and fraud in court.

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