Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fred Karger Demands Copies of NOM's Tax Returns

I have long viewed the National Organization for Marriage as a thinly veiled criminal enterprise. The organization flouts the election campaign finance laws of one state after another and now it seems has never filed required tax returns. Why? I believe in my heart because NOM is a front organization for the Catholic and/or Mormon Churches or perhaps a handful of wealthy extremists. Therefore, NOM will go to nay lengths to avoid having its financials scrutinized or the identity of its funding sources revealed. Indeed, NOM seeks to operate above the law as if it were part of an organized crime syndicate. As Jeremy Hooper reports, Fred Karger is again in the forefront trying to expose NOM's bank rollers and make NOM comply with he law. Here are some highlights of Karger's letter to NOM via Good As You:

I am writing to alert you that the 2010 federal tax returns (990’s) of the National Organization for Marriage are missing. They were due in May 2011, and an extension was granted until October 15, 2011. We stopped by your Washington, DC office this week and there were no 990’s available for viewing as required by law. They are not up on your web site nor are they on Guidestar. No IRS returns available again this year at the tiny national NOM office in Washington DC.

Who is NOM Trying to Protect? NOM has not filed its tax returns on time with the Internal Revenue Service for both its 501©3 and 501©4 organizations for any of the four years since it began.

As I am sure you are aware, NOM and its former officers are under investigation by the state of Maine for money laundering on a referendum NOM put on the ballot in November 2009. The active investigation of the National Organization for Marriage by the State Ethics Commission and the State Attorney General is in its third year.

NOM has sued 23 states to try and keep the names of all your funders secret. It was, however, gratifying to see NOM lose its California case this week in federal court (the same case you subpoenaed me in). CLICK HERE:

So, as NOM’s new Chairman, I am writing you in the hope that finally there may be a modicum of integrity at the National Organization for Marriage.

I also have to wonder why the IRS has not taken action against NOM. Who is protecting NOM even though its an obvious violator of the nation's tax laws? Is it Barack Obama's BFF Rick Warren? Something clearly doesn't add up and an explanation is needed from the IRS.

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Biki Honko said...

I totally agree with you. There is something fishy afoot, and we need an accounting of who is funding this hate. We also need to know who is blocking the transparency laws within the IRS or higher. Great post!