Monday, July 28, 2008

Glenn Nye 24-Hour Fundraiser -2nd Congressional District

I have posted several times about Glenn Nye who is the Democrat candidate for the Virginia 2nd Congressional District who is challenging the incumbent, GOP Congresswoman, Thelma Drake. Now, there is a 24 hour online fundraiser at DailyKos. I'd really like you to join in and help Glenn out if you can. He is a great guy, on the right side of LGBT issues, and has personal on the ground experience having been stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Better yet, Glenn will not vote in lock step with the Chimperator/McCain regime as has sadly been the case with Thelma Drake. I have known Thelma personally for years and think she a great person. Unfortunately, she is wrong on the issues and this nation desperately needs a change in direction. Glenn Nye will help bring about that change whereas a vote for Thelma will unfortunately be a vote for more of the same failed policies and thinking. Here's how you can help Glenn:
Here's how:
1. Make a Contribution! That's the best way!
2. Go to the Fundraiser...and get all your friends to go to by emailing them this link: Nye
3. Once you're there...share your views about why we need a change in Washington and why Glenn would be great in Congress!
4. Tell all your friends.

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