Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Appalachian Trail Update - 7/30/08 - Living Authentically

For those of you following my son's adventure (Mt. Washington which he scaled is in the photo above), I received an e-mail updating me on his location. He's in Andover, Maine, and estimates he has about 256 miles to go to the end of the trail. His latest comment on the journey and scenery: *
NH and Maine have some very strenuous terrain but the views definitely make it worthwhile: beautiful mountains and valleys and the occasional moose (I've seen 4 but haven't been quick enough to get a photo of any). There's around 256 miles left of trail I think. It will probably take three weeks or so, and then I'll see you again whenever I end up back in VB.
He is having such a wonderful adventure and it is something he will remember the rest of his life. I am so happy that he bucked his mom and dad's misgivings and went forward with what he felt called to do. It's one example of why it is so important to live your life for you. If you live your life to please others - be it family, church or society - you are throwing away the most precious gift - your life. I did it for far too many years. I don't regret my children (and would do it all again to have them in my life), but there is so much that might have been in terms of ealier self-accepatance and an end to daily self-hate.


Java said...

I'm so proud for you and your son. This is a big adventure!

Anonymous said...

Breath taking scenery - what a wonderful adventure for your son -it will certainly enrich his life.