Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sins of the Fathers

I was quite amazed to be browsing news web sites (I confess that I am a news junkie) and suddenly see myself quoted in Slate's article "Today's blogs: The latest chatter in cyberspace" discussing the LA Sexual Abuse settlement (see: http://www.slate.com/id/2170620/) :

Attorney-blogger Michael in Norfolk issues an ultimatum: "If Cardinal Mahoney has any integrity left, he will now resign, as should EVERY priest, bishop, cardinal and, if applicable, Pope, who participated in any way in the cover up of these horrendous crimes."

Another quote from the article is as follows:

At The Huffington Post, comedian Bill Maher notes that the church is selling off property to pay the settlement. "[W]hich reminded me, oh yeah, the Catholic Church owns more property out here than Bob Hope did -- and why? Oh, yeah, because it's a business -- and not just a business, really, the greatest business in the world, in that, like all religions, it's selling an invisible product."

Naturally, pro-Catholic bloggers were less than pleased with the settlement. I say, hit them where it hurts - in their pocket book. Perhaps eventually the laity will rise up and demand change by withholding donations.

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