Friday, July 20, 2007

Pet Sounds - Play to Be Performed in Richmond, Virginia

Pet Sounds, the play I have posted about before that was written, produced and performed by high school students from Granby High School will be performed in Richmond next week on July 30th and 31, sponsored by ROSMY (Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth). Here is a link:

Here is another local review of the play that does it due justice:

As I previously made clear, I did not agree with the decision not to allow the play to be performed at Granby High School. However, by taking such action, yet allowing the play to be performed at the 40th Street Theater, it allowed the opportunty to present the play as its authors and actors wanted, complete with the kiss between two male characters (and a very innocent kiss at that). And the publicity from the school's action ultimately helped big time to draw a far more diverse mix of viewers than otherwise would have been the case. Here is another on-line story about the play:

I won't yet disclose where things may go from here, but reports are that the play will be performed again at 40th Street Stage next year. Perhaps, someday when Pet Sounds touring companies are performing the play around the country, I can say, "I saw the original cast in a local community theatre during its first run."

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