Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lesbian Gangs Gone Wild

Here's an insane story mentioned by QueerSighted ( and being put out by Bill O'Reillyand the unhinged Christian news services:
LifeSiteNews, North America's largest online Christian fundamentalist news service has taken Bill O'Reilly's insane Lesbian Terrorist Gang story to the next level and then some ( On July 3, these charming folks pushed out a press release with the equally charming headline:
"Lesbian Gangs Raping Young Girls, Some Attacked in School Washrooms". The press release also highlights the "fact" that these gangs are recruiting children as "young as 10-years-old" to the homosexual lifestyle. I can't recall "racist" propoganda this outrageous since the Nazis sold Germans on the notion that Jews were kidnapping Christian babies and drinking their blood during the Passover service.

Lucky for us, this means that the original O'Reilly story now has very long legs and will be delivered via Christian fundamentalist media outlets, electronic and print, to millions of our friends and families. For example, LifeSiteNews feeds its propoganda to over 16 million Southern Baptists via newsletters, newspapers, radio shows and cable TV. Lesbian terror gang discussions will soon be coming to a dinner table, family reunion or church pulpit near you.

Accoding to the reporter, John-Henry Westen: "Last week, the Fox News' O'Reilly Factor exposed the increasing trend of lesbian gang violence terrorizing neighbourhoods and schools, especially in large cities across the United States. According to FOX News crime analyst Rod Wheeler there are some 150 such gangs in the DC area alone, including Washington, Maryland, and Virginia.
I guess the moral is that no lie is too outrageous for our enemies to disseminate while showing their "Christian" love for others.

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Anonymous said...

Early and wide reports in Roman antiquity accused Christians of cannibalism (the Eucharist).

O'Reilly several years ago mis-stated five FACTS about the Folsom Street Fair (the "leather," S&M, B&D, crowd), omitting it's 50:50 gay:straight. Beloved's straight brother tries not to miss them, and take family. Beloved and I have never been. All that silly "scene" and "drag" abuse-as-sex nonsense is not "gay" or "straight," it's just how some men and women "get off." Not my way, but hey, if it works, does not harm anyone, well, slave-and-master away with your "secret word."

It is curious, however, that no scientist supports "pain is pleasurable." Neither did the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus. According to our biological (and philosophical) constitutions: Maximize Pleasure, Minimize Pain, is an axiological self-evident first principle. Thus, if "aberrant" is every appropriately used, clearly the "pain-as-pleasure crowd" is an instance, but then most of the PAPC is straight.

Let's see if O'Reilly "fairly and balanced" corrects his falsehoods, and reports this story accurately? For all we know, O'Reilly and Murdoch are into the PAPC, as were the Nazis. Throwing Jews into Gas Chambers for pleasure may be "harmful," but then where does one draw the line in PAPC aberrancy? Let's ask the Supreme Court!