Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gay Pastor Officially Struck From Lutheran Church

Since I am a Lutheran, having left the Catholic Church in 2001, I find this story upsetting (See: Admittedly, I have been lax on my church attendance of late, but with this type of stuff happening, it makes attending an ECLA parish much less attractive. It would be wonderful if at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly on August 6-11, 2007, the majority would vote to do away with this ban. Personally, I know so many LGBT individuals who long for a church home, yet feel unwelcome. Saying that all are accepted, yet banning members of the supposedly welcomed group from the clergy ends a message that the talk of being welcoming is just that: talk.

I have always been of a mindset that I'd rather be right and in the minority as opposed to being wrong and shamefully following the majority. If doing the right thing should drive some bigots from the ECLA, the church is better off without them, in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

We forget that the most popular book used by Hitler was NOT Mein Kampf, but Martin Luther's Jewish Question, where Luther accuses the Jews of killing Jesus and deserving death for their complicity. Hey, why read Mein Kampf, if the Church will do your dirty work, especially its "founder?"

You should read Luther's views of homosexuality!! Makes one feel less justified by faith, especially the Lutheran faith.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Three of the largest "ELCA" parishes in San Francisco abandoned the ELCA and now operate "independently," because their gay and lesbian clergy would have been fired. Several East Bay parishes followed suit for the same reasons.

Don't you just "love" those who love their neighbor, ecxept, of course, if the neighbor is Jewish, Gay, Lesbian, African-American (revised), as long as the "buy" Luther's completely screwed-up interpretation of scriptures.

A decade ago, the Lutheran scholars finally capitulated to Rome over the Doctrine of Justification, heavily influenced by John Henry Newman's hugely-influential work, Lectures on the Doctrine of Justification, (1874). When one takes an illiterate Augustinian monk as an "authority" on scripture, you get really bizarre interpretations, nearly all wrong.

All the criticisms of Evangelicalism apply mutatitis mutandis to Lutheranism. You may wish to consult:

Also useful:

But the Ex-Gay Watch insists upon avoiding "these sensitive issues," lest it offend Christians. Well, what if Christians offend GLBT? Their preference? Let Evangelical GLBT alone in their comfort zone.

Right! When they came for the Jews, I did nothing. When they came for the Reds, I did nothing. And when they came for me, they defend Evanglicals' persecution of GLBT.

It fits GWB's Amerika just like Luther fit Hitler's Reich.