Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bush and Cronies Above the Law

It is hard for me to find words to fully convey the contempt that I hold for Chimperator Bush and his Christo-fascist regime which touts its religiosity while acting as lawless hooligans. The American public needs to seriously wake up and retake this nation. Andrew Sullivan has several great statements on his blog concerning the Libby commutation. Here's one I fully endorse:

We now have a clear and simple illustration of the arrogance of this president. Tell the American people the core narrative of this monarchical presidency: this president believes he is above the law in wiretapping citizens with no court oversight; he has innovated an explosive use of signing statements to declare himself above the law on a bewildering array of other matters, large and small; he has unilaterally declared himself above American law, international law, and U.N. Treaty obligations in secretly authorizing torture; he has claimed the right to seize anyone in the United States, detain them indefinitely without trial and torture them; his vice-president refuses to abide by the law that mandates securing classified documents; and when a court of law finds a friend of the president's guilty, he commutes the sentence.

Most Americans find this blatant abuse of power repugnant - war or no war. Many find the way in which the commentariat has been coopted in defending this lawlessness to be equally repugnant. When a governing class declares itself collectively above the rule of law, and does so with open contempt for the judicial system, it's time that elite was brought down a peg or two. I think Bush just gave the country a simple reason to rid Washington of him and all he stands for. We will now see exactly what character Americans are made of: supplicants of a feather-bedded aristocracy or self-governing citizens under the rule of law?

This regime and those in the GOP who have given it a blank check over and over again truly must be stopped and totally discredited at the ballot box come 2008.

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