Thursday, July 05, 2007

King James Bible

My friend Don over at Dondon009 has a great post on the real history of James I of England who oversaw the re-editing of the Bible in 1611 or so. This revised version came to be referred to as the "King James Version." Any true student of British history knows that while he did his dynastic duty and produced an heir, James I was as gay as they come. In fact, he had a series of lovers/boyfriends on whom he spent lavishly and doled out titles. Accounts of James' loves are even recorded in the Privy Council records. Two of them are entombed near James' own tomb.

Meanwhile the favorite version of the Bible among many Christianist crazies is guess what: the King James Version! I guess their anti-knowledge agenda and expertise at denial is the underlying cause. Naturally, I find it all too, too funny!!!!! For the full story, see:

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dondon009 said...

Michael: Thanks for the link back.

I attended Gay Pride in St. Petersburg, Florida last Saturday and there were the usual handful of Christian fundamentalist crazies present; waving their banners with the usual religious quotes from the bible.

The hatred in their eyes and the anger in their voices was almost terrifying...... it reminded me of video clips I've seen of the KKK!

I post articles like this in hopes that some of my readers will finally realize the extreme influence those who preach the bible have on those who are too weak to think independently.

I'm convinced that hatred for the LGBT community and homophobia in general begins in the pulpit!

You and I appear to be on the same wave length with regards to bigotry and hypocrisy both in the political and religious arenas, and I welcome your comments and continue to visit your blog; knowing that I'll become further educated in both the above areas.

Have a wonderful weekend!