Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Musings

Today has been a strange father's day. First off, it's the first one that has occurred since my dad died last September. June used to be full of events involving him: Wedding anniversary on June 3; birthday on June 9; and fathers day. While we often did not get along and only fully reconciled a while before his death, it is simply so strange not to know he's there any more.

Second, I have so far had no word from the kids yet today. Sadly, I won't be surprised if I hear nothing from them. Their mother has worked long and hard for years to always make me the bad guy so that she could play the "good mommy" role. In retrospect, I should have left her many years earlier. She manipulated and used me for so long and, secretly trying to atone for hidden sexual orientation, I generally let it happen. For all those closeted married guys, my advice is DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. You have nothing to apologize for in terms of who you are.

I continue to be glad about the Graduation. The photo at top is of my two daughters. The older, Lauren, at least has spoken to me in the last few weeks. I have got to do some work at the office - in a weak moment I said I would speak at a seminar and now I have to finish the course materials I am covering - and then Raymond and I are going to chill. The party in Willoughby Spit last night was awesome: open bar, great food, music, and on the beach with a fantastic sunset as the evening progressed. The hosts, Cindy Cutler and Craig Haines DO know how to throw a fabulous party, The down side is that I am suffering a bit from Grey Goose poisoning today.

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