Friday, June 22, 2007

Pieces of Eight

I have been apparently double tagged by Euphoric at Real Euphoria ( and Paul at Cook Up Some Thoughts at ( The object is of this game called Pieces of Eight is for me to list 8 things about me that others will not have a clue and then tag some other bloggers. Here goes:
1. I once considered joining the Catholic priesthood - now that would have been a disaster and I'm sure I'd have ended up excommunicated.
2. I was born a month premature (which a far bigger deal in 1952 than nowadays) and my grandfather, who was a doctor, did not think I would live.
3. When I was 12, I was kicked by one of our horses and had to have 63 stitches in my face (hence, I'd be far prettier but for that - just teasing. I had a great plastic surgeon stitch me up).
4. I was very shy, quiet and introverted in junior high and high school.
5. I once posed nude for an artist who did a drawing of me (sort of fullfilled a fantasy).
6. My ancestory is 1/2 Austrian; 3/8 Irish and 1/8 French.
7. I have a terrible sweet tooth and love cookies and pastries.
8. I have a terrible fear of heights.
The following folks need to consider themselves tagged:
Seared Soul Dreamer at

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