Sunday, June 17, 2007


Here's yet another story that reflects how the United States of America is falling further and further behind other parts of the world in providing equal rights to all citizens:

The new Fianna Fail/Greens coalition government has stated in its Programme for Government that it is committed to legislate for civil partnerships as soon as possible.The very last point made on the Programme For Government states:Civil Partnerships This Government is committed to full equality for all in our society. Taking account of the options paper prepared by the Colley Group and the pending Supreme Court case, we will legislate for Civil Partnerships at the earliest possible date in the lifetime of the Government. “The commitment reflects the growing consensus on the need for equality based legal recognition and should find support among all parties.”

It is amazing how democracy and equality progress when the government is not under the influence of Christo-fascists as in this country. Find the full story at:

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