Saturday, June 23, 2007

What Would Jesus Do - Misplaced "Christian" Priorities

Browsing Civil Commotion ( this morning, I came across some photos in a couple of posts that struck me as mind boggling in illustrating misplaced priorities by Christianists in this country. The top two photos of the horrible conditions in an orphanage in Iraq. The conditions are shocking to say the least.
The bottom one is of the $27 Million plus Creationist Museum that recently opened in Kentucky to market the anti-science and anti-knowledge agenda of the creationists. Reading the Gospels of the Bible, I cannot believe that Jesus would condone spending such sums on a propagandist museum versus caring for helpless children, many of whom have no doubt become orphans as a result of Christianist in Chief, Chimperator Bush's war.
Oops. I forgot - these children are non-white and Muslim; therefore, under the Christianist values system, they do not count. These people truly sicken me.

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dondon009 said...

These people truly sicken me also....

I honestly believe that to some of these people, Christianity is a profession from which they can become wealthy.

They study religion as a money making career and have no intention of practicing what they preach.

We need to eliminate their tax exemptions!