Monday, June 18, 2007

What is the real face of Regent's law school?

Apparently, in the wake of the Monica Goodling disaster at the U. S. Department of Justice, Regent Law School is trying to improve it's image. Leave it to the Virginian Pilot to do a piece like this one that tries to de-emphasize Regent's Christianist agenda ( I have met the author of the article who is not a bad guy per se. However, when it comes to investigative reporting, the Pilot seems to have never heard of the term. Even when Congressman Ed Schrock was "outed," Virgina beat the Pilot in breaking the story in the Pilot's own backyard.

Here are my thoughts on attending Regent Law School that I posted on the Virginian Pilot's web site (assuming they are not censored):

I suspect many of Regent Law's better students went to the school because it allows part time students while the other law schools in Virginia generally do not. Hence someone can work a regular job and go to law school part time. For such students, attending Regent Law may seem attractive. However, in the legal community, Regent does not have a good image or reputation and the average pass rate on the bar exam is anything but stellar. Graduates may find out that they will have a difficult time landing a job in a top law firm or corporation with a Regent Law diploma.

While I know some Regent Law graduates that I consider competent and honest, far too many wear religion on their sleeves and use their "Christian" label to either gain jobs with far right organizations or politicians like Monica Goodling or to attract clients who would be better served employing more competent attorneys.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that only Right-wing Evangelical Law Schools, not Right-wing Catholic Law Schools, are the "pool" for this Administration. Why don't Catholics balk at the vapid discrimination? Fr. Fessio's Counter-Reformation Ave Maria Law School would be so much better, with Natural Law introduced to our Constitution. Assuming the campus can find a home for intolerance.