Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Musings

Well, I did end up hearing from both my daughters for Father's Day. Also, my youngest daughter again said she wants to get together with Raymond and me this week. Sadly, nothing from my son, who has always been most vulnerable to his mother's propaganda against me. I hope that some day he will stop just listening to his mother's version of the facts.

I am so looking forward to having the divorce war over at the end of July either by settlement or a trial. The sense of closure is so long overdue. I know this protracted battle has put stress on Raymond as well as my children, all thanks to the former wife's vindictiveness. The positive side of going through a trial will be that (1) I suspect my wife will get less than she has been demanding and (2) the court will have been the final arbitrator, so I will not be blamed for the final result. In fact, I will be in a position to say that had my estranged wife not been so unreasonable, she would have fared better negotiating a settlement. It was never my desire to screw her over. Would that she had been similarly motivated.

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