Friday, June 22, 2007

End Don't Ask, Don't Tell

I am stunned. I just received a telephone call from a client who told me he and two other U. S. personnel I know are under investigation for being gay. He is not sure of the source of the complaint, but believes it might be another member of the Navy with an axe to grind. The allegations are ludicrous, yet because of the failed Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy he and the others charge will need to retain legal counsel, go through an emotional Hell and could lose their careers.
One would think that with the Iraq disaster still in full swing and the military struggling to meet recruiting goals, this type of bull shit would not be happening. To any my readers in the USA, please contact your representatives in Congress and voice your support for ending this idiocy. Likewise, consider making a donation to SLDN.

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Anonymous said...

I hate to ask, "did you think otherwise?" The U.S. Embassy in Iraq has a hundred employees, only ten of which speak a language that Arabs speak. But, in the Pentagon Purge of 2002, sixty-five Arabic-speaking experts at the Monterey Language Institute of the U.S. Army were "found" to be gay, despite none of them asking or telling anyone anything. Discharged from the "service," Bush went to War without more than ten Arabic-speaking experts in all of government. The 65 linguistic experts from Monterey might have been useful in deciphering a language in which America is trying to kick Arab butt. But "assholes" like Bush and General Pace don't know a "butt" from their "face." At least the linguists, according to reports, are enjoying real asses, rather than yielding to the Bush-Fuck and their precious blood being spilled in Bush's War of Rupture, with "no time off" for fatigue rotation.

One gay guy boasted, "there is a god after all." Now happily partnered, he enjoys the freedom to love his partner and their lives together in the wild breezes of California's Monterey coast, rather than wasting their lives in the Bush V.A. hospitals of neglect. He laments the death of his pupils, his mentors, the young, the gullible, the endlessly rotated, his "buddies," but he appreciates the FATES that preserved his life from terrors at 4/5th less value than Haliburton's mercenaries. "Having a life," may not be all, but "having no arms, no hope, no leave," is a FATE worse than being involuntarily discharged by Pentagon persecution in order to become another anonymous casulty and coffin at Andrews Air Force Base.

One man's hopes is another man's grave. I might suggest your client rejoice. At least he survived Bush's Terror alive. Nearly a million people have not.