Friday, June 02, 2017

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Compares Gay Marriage to Nazism

Kirill and his puppet master, Putin

As I have noted in numerous posts, the Russian Orthodox Church has a centuries old history of being on the wrong side of history, embracing ignorance, and supporting autocrats (often it encouraged reactionary extremism) so as to protect its own wealth and privilege.  Under the Soviet Union, the Church suffered greatly for its past sins and lost power and properties and became a marginalized branch of the Soviet dictatorship.  With Vladimir Putin, the Orthodox Church has soared in power and influence - and, of course, wealth - in exchange for slavish support for Putin and his dictatorship.  The Church is working hard to support Putin and further its own backward looking agenda.  A case in point was the statement by Patriarch Kirill that equated same sex marriage with Nazi terrorism.  Extreme and over the top, yes, but all too in keeping with the Russian Orthodox Church's hideous history.  The Moscow Times looks at this hypocrisy-filled, modern day Pharisee-like statement:   
Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Orthodox compared the adoption of homosexual marriage laws to the adoption of laws in fascist Germany. The Patriarch made the comments in Kyrgyzstan while promoting new translation of his book, according to RIA Novosti.
The Patriarch said “so-called homosexual marriages” were a threat to families and added that “when laws are detached from morality they cease being laws people can accept.” This he said was similar to the laws in Nazi Germany.
This is not the first time Patriarch Kirill has made such comments. In a November 2016 interview with Russia Today the Patriarch made the same comparison to Nazi Germany. In the November interview he also compared homosexual marriage laws to “Soviet Totalitarianism” and said it was a threat to “humanity”.

The last comment is particularly hypocrisy-filled since Kirill's predecessors worked hand in glove with the Soviet regime.  

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