Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More and More American Cities Join Call for Trump Impeachment

Given the reality that today's Republicans - in sharp contrast to those of the Watergate era - put their party over the best interests of the nation (even possible treason is willingly overlooked), a growing number of localities and cities are working to increase the political pressure on Republicans and other members of Congress to begin impeachment hearings against Donald Trump, a/k/a Der Trumpenf├╝hrer.  (I do not refer to this foul, amoral man as president because he will never be my president).  I have my doubts that the effort will make much head way with Congressional Republicans who put the retention of power over all else, including honor and decency.  Nonetheless, anything that will ratchet up pressure for a full investigation of Trump's ties and possible collusion with Russia is welcomed.  Moreover, if Trump ultimately falls, history will remember who were focused on acting as apologists rather than upholding the U.S. Constitution and their oath of office.  Here are highlights from Politico on the growing trend:
Congress may not be ready to launch impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, but a growing number of cities and towns are trying to push members in that direction.
Brookline, Mass., became the 10th and latest local government Thursday to pass a resolution calling for impeachment, a step designed to add pressure on the state’s congressmen to launch a formal investigation that could ultimately lead to the president’s removal from office.
The Massachusetts towns of Cambridge, Amherst, Pelham and Leverett have already made the call, and Newton has a proposal up for consideration.
California is another hotbed of impeachment. The Los Angeles city council in early May overwhelmingly passed a measure asking for impeachment proceedings to begin. Richmond, Alameda and Berkeley did the same.
In Chicago, the city council drafted an ordinance that quickly drew 31 sponsors. Alderman Ameya Pawar, who introduced the resolution, said Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey was the tipping point.
“Donald Trump is a racist, a bigot, and a misogynist, and he is attempting to enact policies around his beliefs. But that’s not why I introduced the resolution calling on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings,” Pawar said. “I introduced this resolution because President Trump continues to obstruct the investigation into Russian influence over his administration, in his business dealings, and the alleged collusion during the 2016 election. It is time for a full and thorough investigation led by the United States Congress.”
The goal behind the local government movement, which has no authority in the matter, is to convince Congress to take the first step toward impeachment — launching the investigation necessary to determine if impeachment charges are warranted. If Congress concludes they are, the articles of impeachment are drafted and voted on by the House. A simple majority vote in the House sends the articles to the Senate, which holds a trial and needs two-thirds agreement to convict.
[T]here is an element of politics in the budding local impeachment movement. Pawar is running for governor, and his opponents in the Democratic primary — including Chris Kennedy and state Sen. Daniel Biss — have made similar calls, as has billionaire J.B. Pritzker, who cited a story about an Israeli intelligence leak to Russian officials.
“We’re calling on members of Congress to support and introduce the impeachment process in House of Representatives,” said Bonifaz, whose group is behind impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org, which gives local communities a how-to guide on passing a resolution backing impeachment.
Bonifaz said asking the House to investigate is not in lieu of the special counsel investigation, which would explore whether there were violations of criminal statute. It’s intended to run on a parallel track.
“If decisions are getting made that this isn’t politically the right way to go, then we’re putting party over country here,” Bonifaz said. “Frankly, history will judge us in this moment on how we act … I would hope that the Chicago City Council takes up this again and votes on what is at stake — that no one is above the law — even the president of the United States.”

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farget said...

So happy to see movement towards impeachment happening I believe Impeachment will have to be a grass roots effort