Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama Now Polling Almost Even With Huckabee

In what should be a frightening wake up call to all Democrats, a new poll shows that President Obama is polling only slightly ahead of theocratic nut case Mike Huckabee. Obama and the Congressional Democrats truly know how to seize defeat from the jaws of victory. Yes Obama came into office with perhaps unrealistic expectations, but what he and the Democrats in Congress have done - or more accurately, not done - despite holding majorities in both houses of Congress and the White House is beyond distressing. The Democrats simply seem incompetent in terms of governing the country and seem more worried about pleasing the GOP rump than in delivering on campaign promises to those who elected them. Here are some highlights on the new poll numbers from Politico:

In the ninth iteration of Public Policy Polling’s monthly survey looking at how some potential 2012 opponents stack up against Barack Obama the Republican candidates have their strongest performances yet. As he has in all of these polls, Mike Huckabee comes the closest to Obama. He now trails only 46-45, improved from 49-44 in November. Huckabee does the best of the Republican hopefuls with independents, trailing just 49-41.

Obama has no one but himself to blame for this state of affairs. He has lied to the Democrat base and failed to deliver on the "change" he promised. I am beginning to wonder whether or not the Democrats will continue to hold both houses of Congress after the 2010 elects. They have done nothing to indicate that they deserve control.

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