Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Readers - 70,000+ Visitors

I continue to be happy and amazed at the number of people who visit this blog. At some point overnight it passed the 70,000 visitor mark. To all of my readers I sincerely say Thank You!! Fifteen months ago when I first started blogging regularly, I never thought things would lead to such a volume of readers. I truly treasure the friendships that I have made through the blog with great individuals around the globe.
Interestingly enough, Gloobts, a worldwide directory of gay owned, gay operated, and gay friendly businesses (the data base can be searched by country and state), has added this blog to their blog section and it should be available via that site from early July posts forward. Since Gloobts listings are free, I encourage readers with businesses or professional services to check them out and get a listing. I have been very surprised by the number of my LGBT clients who locate my firm via Internet sites such as Gloobts and its local affiliate in this area, the Lambda Directory.
I will try to post this evening from Charlottesville after I arrive via Richmond where I am speaking at the Equality Virginia conference today.

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Java said...

Wow! Congratulations! Looks like you are making a positive difference in the world, Michael.