Friday, July 11, 2008

Dancing - Getting Back in Shape

Call me vain or shallow, but I just got in from The Wave - Thursday night is 80's night and it's about a 50/50 gay/straight crowd with lots of eye candy. I really like to just let the music into my head and allow the beat to carry me away.
I am very happy that I have been able to get back in better shape. My New Year's resolution was to get back in shape and get more exercise. It's working and I have almost regained the body I had in the picture at left after sheding nearly 10 pounds. Just a few more pounds. :) I really do believe that a couple of hours of near non-stop dancing for a couple hours 1 or 2 times aweek has helped. In any event, I had a great time, although I may be dragging a bit at the office tomorrow afternoon. Nonetheless, it was worth it. :).

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Anonymous said...

I was shocked at the way I looked earlier this year. When someone you love and who loves you and who would lie to you if it stopped them from telling the truth announces to you that "you have a face like a cannonball" you know it's time to get on the exercise equipment! I'm now over a stone lighter, have lost 7 belt notches and am happier. I still have a stone or so to go but I'll get there. Getting (and feeling) fitter is a good confidence boost isn't it?