Wednesday, July 09, 2008

STOP The Radio Hall of Fame from Honoring Anti-Gay Bigot James Dobson

Wayne Besen at Truth Wins Out has a post that needs to be acted upon ASAP. The Museum of Broadcast Communications has nominated James Dobson, the Christianist, homophobic founder of Focus on the Family pictured at left, to its Radio Hall of Fame. The size of one's listening pool alone should not automatically qualify one for this type of honor. Dobson knowingly and deliberately puts out false and dishonest information on virtually a daily basis that causes untold harm to gays and other citizens who are the targets of his hatred and bigotry. I encourage you to go to the Truth Wins Out website and sign the letter to be submitted to the Museum of Broadcast Communications protesting Dobson's nomination. To sign the letter, go here. Dobson needs to be exposed for the vicious, dishonest individual he has proven himself to be through his anti-gay, anti-immigrant, and other anti-minority lies and disingenuousness. The man is a hate merchant plan and simple. In my opinion, nominating someone like Dobson is like nominating Adolph Hitler for a broadcasting award. The opening of the letter to the Museum of Broadcast Communications reads in part as follows:
I believe that character counts, and that nominees should have a career based on honesty and integrity. Dobson fails to meet this test and it is baffling that you would nominate Dobson, given his long and unique record as a singular leader in the realm of deep intolerance. Dobson has found the notoriety in which you propose to honor by endorsing discrimination, distorting research and outright lying.

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