Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Death of Mike Pence's 2016 Dreams

Mike Pence - a pandering political whore
In some circles Indiana Governor Mike Pence was considered a possible contender for the GOP presidential nomination.  The events of the last week have seen the death of Pence's presidential dreams.  His signing of Indiana's foul "license to discriminate" law has brought down the condemnation of big business - today, 39 tech companies slammed Pence and Indiana - and his outright lies in press conferences have done immeasurable damage.   Meanwhile, Pence is being attacked by the Christofascists and talking heads of the far right because of his efforts to "clarify" the toxic law and end the economic firestorm raining down on Indiana.  Apparently intimidated by Indiana's thrashing, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has now refused to sign that states equally foul license to discriminate act.  A piece in Politico Magazine looks at the death spiral of Spence's presidential aspirations.  Here are highlights:

With the black marble of the Indiana House of Representatives behind him, Gov. Mike Pence in January trumpeted a laundry list of accomplishments achieved in the first half of his first term: Two balanced budgets. A falling unemployment rate. More than 100,000 new jobs created. It seemed the predicate for a potential 2016 run.

Basking in the glow of the moment, Pence dropped his customary aw-shucks Hoosier persona and let himself boast: “Tonight, there are 49 other governors across this country who wish they could be me!”  Maybe then. Not anymore.  Not three short months later, amid the biggest crisis of his political life, that line rings comical.

At least three of those 49 governors Pence taunted—from Connecticut, New York, Washington and counting—have banned nonessential government travel from their states to Indiana in just the six days since Pence signed Senate Bill 101, the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Pence is in trouble, because there is already collateral damage.

At least 10 national conventions are threatening to pull out of commitments to meeting in Indianapolis, according to city tourism officials, who have spent late nights talking down convention organizers in an attempt to keep a grip on the industry that brings in $4.4 billion annually and supports 75,000 jobs.

The optics of the moment—a governor once mentioned as a potential 2016er now trying to sort through political wreckage . . . . seemed to suggest one potential outcome of Pence’s rightward lurch: Were Pence’s presidential chances history now, too?

Even the traditionally conservative business community, both local and national, seems to be quickly turning its back on Pence—a fact that has left Pence backpedaling in surprise. . . . . Pence ally and donor Bill Oesterle, the Republican CEO of Angie’s List and former Gov. Mitch Daniels’ one-time campaign manager, canceled plans to add up to 1,000 jobs and expand its headquarters in Indianapolis, on account of the religious freedom bill.

 Pence willingly prostituted himself  to the Christofascists and representatives of hate groups.  It is fitting that he is now reaping the consequences of his self-prostitution.  I have no sympathy for Pence and hope his political career is over.  I also hope that other Republicans may be finally realizing that the Christofascists are becoming increasingly radioactive and need to be thrown from the GOP tent.

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