Friday, August 27, 2010

What Women Want: Gay Male Sex - UPDATED

On Tuesday I wrote about the hot new trend in romance novels popular with married straight women - gay male romances written by straight women. Since booksellers like Barnes & Noble allegedly carry such books, I stop by the huge brand new Barnes & Noble in Hampton's totally rebuilt Town Center. Not only did the store not have False Colors or any other books by Alex Becroft, it had NO GLBT section whatsoever. None, Nada, zero. Likewise, not a single gay title that I could think of was in stock. That's right, not a one. In contrast, however, the Hampton Barnes & Noble had a huge Christian section and countless versions of the Bible, that source of so much hate and suffering in the world.
Since Barnes & Noble seems to believe that I and other LGBT consumes are no-existent in this area, I have vowed that my expenditures at Barnes & Noble will be similarly non-existent. Why give one's hard earned money to those who either out of bigotry or cowardice in the face of local Christianists write off an entire segment of the community.
While not a huge matter, this situation is yet another reason why - despite occasional bright spots and being blessed with good friends - living in Virginia sucks if one is an LGBT citizen. The state is a Bible thumping backwater. It's symptomatic of why the boyfriend and I have no desire to remain in Virginia long term if we have any choice in the matter.

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