Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gutless Annonymous Comments

UPDATED: One individual apparently hasn't gotten the message and continues to make extremely nasty personal attacks. Hence I am contacting Google and will have his/her IP address identified and then file an appropriate complaint for harrassment. While one can post anonymous comments, there are ways to find out one's copmuter address.
Internet address and t seems that ever few months I have to readdress this issue: nasty comments posted by those who seek to be "anonymous." Apparently some people still have not gotten the message. Nasty comments attacking me, my opinions, gays in general, how I write this blog and/or other individuals that are submitted by whiny, simpering, self-righteous, gutless wonders who lack the balls and courage to to publicly identify themselves will NOT be posted - so please, once again, do not waste your time or mine.
The bottom line is that if these malcontents who comment under the name "Anonymous" do not like my "holier than thou attitude," my views on Ted Haggard, my thoughts on gay rights activism, or if the truth as I see it hurts, or if they want to alienate would be allies, then they can set up their own blog and vent. I have no intention of providing a platform for their vitriol and bitchiness.

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