Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Catholic Diocese Pays $4.5 Million for Abuse Claims

Meanwhile, as the doddering Benedict XVI disingenuously worries about the sign of peace in the celebration of Mass, another Catholic diocese pays out millions for sexual abuse claims. Will any senior cleric in the Church be punished or held accountable? Of course not. Why individuals continue to give money to such a corrupt institution defies logic. I also wish that insurers would cease paying claims since in all too many instances the bishops and /or cardinals in places of authority mere turned a blind eye to what was being done to children and youths. Only when sexual abuse judgments bankrupt many more dioceses will there be any hope for change within the Church. Here are highlights from the Washington Post:
A Catholic diocese in Massachusetts has paid $4.5 million to nearly 60 people who say they were sexually abused by priests as far back as 1948. The agreements announced Tuesday were part of a voluntary arbitration process set up over the summer. That's when the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield reached a settlement with its insurance carriers.

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