Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nazi Pope Arrives in Australia

Benedict XVI has arrived in Australia where it appears yet again that he will not make any serious apology much less - God forbid - take steps to punish members of the hierarchy who enabled and/or covered up the sexual abuse of minors. Later this morning I will be driving my mom to church and the question will be whether I can bring myself to go into the local den of hypocrisy known as St. Thomas Catholic Church. I will admit that I find it very difficult to hide my contempt for the Church and I sincerely wish that parishioners would wake up to the fact that they too are enablers when they allow themselves to be lead like mindless sheep by insincere, corrupt bishops, cardinals and, yes, a hypocritical and dishonest Pope. I may well opt for reading a book outside waiting for the service to end since I doubt it will put me in any sort of good spiritual mind set to sit through the mass. Here are some highlights on the Nazi Pope's visit to Australia from the Virginian Pilot:
SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Australia on Sunday, saying he wants to use his visit to raise awareness about global warming and address the crisis of clergy sexual abuse. Benedict suggested to reporters on the flight from the Vatican that he would express regret about abuse by priests, though victims' groups are demanding he go further and make a direct formal apology. The clergy abuse scandal is a serious note in the pope's 10-day visit to Australia - his first - during which he will join the World Youth Day festival that has attracted more than 200,000 people.
He was driven to a retreat in Sydney where he will stay out of the public eye until the youth festival begins Thursday. During the flight, Benedict told reporters he would work for "healing and reconciliation with the victims" of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy in Australia "just as I did in the United States." At the start of a U.S. visit earlier this year, Benedict said he was "deeply ashamed" of the abuse scandal and pledged to work to make sure pedophiles do not become priests. . . . . The exact number of victims of clergy abuse in Australia is not known, though activists say it is in the thousands.
In the southern city of Melbourne, more than 100 people, some wearing shirts with slogans such as "Pope is wrong, put a condom on," protested Sunday against World Youth Day and the Catholic church's attitude toward homosexuals, contraception and other issues. Jason Ball, one of the organizers, said the protesters also object to governments giving millions of dollars to help pay for the event. Officials say the event will generate millions of dollars in tourist income. A similar demonstration is planned for Sydney next weekend.

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