Thursday, November 15, 2007

Virginia Attorney General (a/k/a Taliban Bob): America still grounded in Christian morality

Despite losing the Virginia Senate last week and seeing their hold on Virginia Beach begin to slip, the Christianists in the Virginia GOP continue on their fantasy that church and state are one in the same. The latest proponent of this myth is Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell, also known as "Taliban Bob" from his involvement in the lynching equivalent of a black female judge who was not reappointed to the bench a few years back due to rumors that she might be lesbian. Of course, when asked at the time whether he had ever violated Virginia's sodomy statute - which was subsequently struck down by the Supreme Court's ruling in Lawrence v. Texas - McDonnell said "not that he could recall."
Meanwhile, McDonnell sat on information I furnished (I still have the e-mail exchanges) to him concerning former Congressman Ed Schrock's "Mega Phone problem" for some eight months before Schrock was ultimately outed by Mike Rodgers at Here are highlights from the Virginian Pilot's coverage of Taliban Bob's latest comments:
America remains grounded in Christian morality and religious faith, as intended by the nation's founders, Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell said today at the annual Hampton Roads Leadership Prayer Breakfast. “Our founders talked a lot about divine providence,” McDonnell said to a crowd of several hundred at the Norfolk Scope exhibition hall. “By divine providence would America be guided, and I think that is still true.”
In his speech, McDonnell said America was “ordained” as a nation, and he called Hampton Roads “hallowed ground” because of the Christian-oriented English settlers who arrived here 400 years ago. McDonnell also affirmed his personal Christian faith and the Bible as a guiding force in his life. He said that as a person of faith in public service he follows the biblical “Golden Rule” of mutual respect for other people.
McDonnell also glorified the United States as “the most prosperous nation the world has ever known,” with the best health care and “the most courageous men and women in uniform of any nation.” “What do we have to complain about when we look at the big picture?” he said. “We forget the history of blessings God has given us in our lives.”

McDonnell has ambitions to be Governor someday. Obviously, I hope he is unsuccessful in this quest since he cannot separate his religious beliefs from the civil laws. Not surprisingly, McDonnell is a graduate of Pat Robertson's Regent Law School.

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