Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Morning Doldrums

Perhaps it’s because my hives are back or maybe it’s the advance of the holiday blues, but whatever the cause my energy and morale are low. Needless drama with staff members at the office yesterday – some of whom seem to forget who employs whom at times – has not helped matters. [By way of update, I had to fire one employee today, adding to the fun day] There are definitely days that I’d like to just say f*** everyone and run away. The utterly dead real estate market isn’t helping cash flow either.

Next week is Thanksgiving – supposedly the quintessential family holiday. My youngest daughter is joining me at my sisters in Virginia Beach for Thanksgiving dinner, but my older two are stiffing me to having dinner with their mother at the home of former neighbors (the same neighbors who (i) I suspect have encouraged my ex-wife to be such a bitch in the divorce and (ii) are such a model straight couple that the husband has put the wife in the ER at least once from hitting her). The fact that they live a mile from my sister’s house eliminates any argument that stopping by is logistically inconvenient. I know, I am being bitchy, but that’s my current frame of mind.

HRBOR is having its Third Thursday event this evening, so that should provided a much needed diversion. The event should be nice inasmuch as Decorum Furniture is hosting and food is being provided by the Imperial Inca Restaurant. Yet another member is providing the bar service (we always have adult beverages J) . Rumor has it that we may have a huge turn out, which would certainly be nice. HRBOR is steadily growing and, I hope in time, will be seen as a real force in the local community. It is long past time that the larger business community take the numerous gay owned local business more seriously.

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Java said...

Bummer. I'm feeling low today, too. My truck is in the shop. Today my desire to run away is strong. I *really* want to get in my truck and drive. If I could I'd meet you this evening for the HRBOR event. Adult beverages sound good right now.