Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Son - Saturday Evening Update

I spent pretty much the whole afternoon and early evening at Beach General visiting my son. His last blood work at 6:00 PM remains stable, so we are increasingly hopeful that no surgery will be required. He seems to be managing the pain pretty well and is not needing the morphine every two hours, which is also a good sign. We got to spend a couple hours alone and just talked about random things, some of his experiences when he was living in Portland, Oregon, and whatever came into out heads. It was very nice and I hope he felt that way too. I got another hug when I was leaving. I truly hope the reconnecting after the bitterness of the last 15 months has begun.

It was also weird at the end - the ex-wife came back by and she had a guy she has been dating with her. He seemed nice (although I am better looking, in my opinion) and everything remained cordial. I wasn't uncomfortable, but they may have been, and I had no intention of being chased off. I do want her to find happiness. The next blood work will be done at 2:00AM and I will be called if anything changes in a negative direction.
The photo above is of Peter from our wonderful trip in 2004 to British Columbia - probably the best trip of my life.


Java said...

What a great day after all. Hopefully your son will continue to improve. So glad you and the ex were able to be civil to each other. It's great you got to spend such a meaningful afternoon with Peter.

Billy said...

Just read about your news now - you will be in my prayers as thoughts. Glad to 'hear' it's going better already.