Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catholic Bishops Warn Voters To Follow Church Teachings - While Still Trying to Stiff Abuse Victims

Once again the U. S. Catholic Bishops - those paragons of virtue, two thirds of whom were involved in the cover up of the sexual abuse of minors - are once again endeavoring to interfere with the civil elections next year in this country. Personally, given the moral bankruptcy of the bishops and the failure of those who were involved in the sex abuse scandal cover up to resign their positions as any honorable person would, I do not understand why anyone gives credence to anything they have to say. Their agenda is one of power and control - the institutional Church gave up preaching the Gospel of Christ ages ago. Here are highlights from the Washington Post:
BALTIMORE -- Roman Catholics voting in the 2008 elections must heed church teaching when deciding which candidates and policies to support, U.S. bishops said Wednesday. And while the church recognizes the importance of a wide range of issues _ from war to immigration to poverty _ fighting abortion should be a priority, the bishops said. The document does not recommend specific laws or candidates, and it emphasizes that "principled debate" is needed to decide which policies best promote the common good. But "that does not make (moral issues) optional concerns or permit Catholics to dismiss or ignore church teaching," the bishops said.
However, they also oppose same-sex marriage, euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research, in addition to their staunch anti-abortion position. The prelates say torture is "always wrong" and they express "serious moral concerns" about "preventive use of military force." But at the last minute Wednesday, they added a sentence acknowledging "the continuing threat of fanatical extremism and global terror."

The threat of fanatical extremism - did they include themselves in that category? They should have. Meanwhile, efforts are underway to protect the Church's most valued commodity: money. This Chicago Sun Times story is instructive (:,CST-NWS-Arch13.article):

Cardinal Francis George and one of his top bishops are stirring up controversy because of statements they recently made criticizing lawsuits from victims of priest sexual abuse. The cardinal also wrote that money was the motivation for proposed state legislation that would allow adults who were abused by priests as children to sue their perpetrators in cases where statutes of limitation have expired. "This is irresponsible, is not about the safety of children as the sponsor claims, and is clearly, to me at least, about money," he wrote.

Survivors say because of the psychological damage of sex abuse, statutes of limitation often expire before victims can come forward. They also say lawsuits are often the only means to expose pedophile clergy and hold bishops accountable for failing to protect the public. Officials from the archdiocese did not comment.

As I said, they are morally bankrupt and due no respect or deference.

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Java said...

Yes! What you said about fanatical extremism. These men have their heads in the clouds, or up their collective asses. And yes, it is SO about the money!