Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thank You - 10,000 Plus Visitors

I am truly amazed at the number of visits this blog - now over 10,000 from 97 countries. I truly never expected so many visitors. I started this blog largely as a form of therapy for myself where I could talk about my thoughts and experiences, particularly my coming out process which was such an upheaval in my life and involved many dark days where at times suicide seemed the best option. Through the help of friends, accepting family members, a couple good therapists, and a loyal partner, I made the transition to a self-accepting gay man.

I hope my posts on my many years in the closet and my coming out experience (which I plan on discussing further once my divorce is final) have been helpful to some and perhaps informative to others who never were in the closet and/or tried to be what they thought church/family/society expected the way I did for so long. I also plan to continue my commentary on life, politics, religion and current events, just to vent my aggravation if nothing else.
I am also truly grateful for the great bloggers I have been privileged to interact with and get to know through cyberspace as it were. The thoughts, concepts and analysis you put forth individually and collectively is amazing. You know who you are and I hope we can continue our discourse on thoughts and issues.

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BostonPobble said...

Congratulations! It's well deserved.