Saturday, July 14, 2007

Freepers Continually Questioning Tucker Carlson's Sexual Orientation

Pam Spauling's blog, Pam's House Blend, had a post (;jsessionid=5F9E55CE67844D5199A1F2330FDCD39E?diaryId=2309) taking Tucker Carlson to task for comments that he made recently about Obama's masculinity. Even more entertaining was a link to Free Republic where the various posted comments basically accuse Tucker of being gay ( I find all this questioning of Tucker's true sexual orientation most amusing, since Tucker certainly has taken his share of snide shots at the LGBT community, even when it comes to housing for gay seniors as reported two years ago in the Southern Voice:

I hope Tucker is enjoying all the attention and commentary. His apologists, of course, say that he's married with two kids. DUH!!!! HELLO!!! I was married and have three kids and I didn't wear bow ties!! By that standard I MUST be straighter than Tucker.

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