Friday, May 22, 2015

Paris Vacation - Day 6

Joan of Arc statute
Yesterday was a "low mileage day" in terms of walking: 7.6 miles.  We began the day hitting shops on the Rur de Rivoli in the Marais district before heading out to Giverny in Normandy to visit the home and gardens of impressionist painter, Claude Monet.  We discovered amazing shops where I bought gifts for the grandchildren and a wonderful men's store with a killer sale (we are going back today).  Monet's gardens were gorgeous and worth the motor coach ride - as was getting to see the lush Normandy countryside.  We finished the day visiting Saint Chapelle which has perhaps the most spectacular stain glass windows in Paris.  

After dinner, the husband and I and a gay friend who traveling with us headed to some of the gay bars in the Marais and, among other things, we admired the beautiful men of which Paris has an abundance.

Here are some  photos:

Today will be a leisurely day shopping and merely enjoying the beauty and ambiance of Paris.  The driver picks us all up at 8:00AM tomorrow morning to take us back the the airport for the trip back to Virginia (expect me to be a major funk upon getting back and wishing I was NOT in Hampton Roads).


Unknown said...

What a wonderful, beautiful place! I am sure you will be sad to leave. Those windows are spectacular.

Peace <3

Stephen said...

Perhaps? Sainte-Chapelle has the most beautiful stained glass windows in the world!

Michael-in-Norfolk said...

It definitely has the most beautiful stained glass that I have ever seen. Truly unbelievably gorgeous!