Friday, November 19, 2010

Catholic Cardinal Claims Gays Are "Persecuting Christians"

The batshitery coming out of the bitter old men in dresses in the Vatican and upper reaches of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy truly seems to know no bounds. Now, one nutcase cardinal, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, who himself looks like a flaming queen, has reportedly said the following in an interview with The Telegraph:
Freedom of thought and expression is under threat from the gay rights movement, said Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, the retired archbishop of Bologna, in memoirs that are published on Thursday. And the result is that those people who disagreed with the homosexual agenda are being ostracised by society, he said.
"The ideology of homosexuality" – as often happens to ideologies when they become aggressive and end up being politically triumphant "becomes a threat to our legitimate autonomy of thought: those who do not share it risk condemnation to a kind of cultural and social marginalisation," said Cardinal Biffi.
If anyone ought to know about persecuting and ostracising people, I guess it's the Catholic Church leadership which has felt no compunction about maligning and denigrating gays (and non-Catholic) for centuries - even though in my view many of these clerics are themselves self-loathing closet cases. Or at least the ones who haven't been raping and fondly children and youths who are f*cked up in other ways.
But the lunacy isn't confined to Cardinal Biffi. As the Belfast Telegraph reports, during the gathering of cardinals, rather than focus full attention on cleaning the Church's dirty linen in the worldwide sex abuse scandal, the bitter queens will also be discussing the Church's disingenuously fabricated threats of religious freedom. To the cardinals, religious freedom means having a free reign to denigrate gays, label us as "inherently disordered" and spend millions of dollars to bar LGBT citizens from CIVIL law legal rights. On the sex abuse scandal front, victims of abuse and their supporters expect little from the gathering of the self-centered "princes of the Church.":
Cardinal William Levada, the powerful American head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, which deals with abuse cases, will address the princes of the Church on the subject of ‘The Response of the Church to Sexual Abuse’. But abuse victims around the world have expressed scepticism that this unique gathering of cardinals will produce a major initiative.
The Church's response to clerical sex abuse is one of six issues on the agenda. Topics will include religious freedom, Church worship, inter-Church relations and Pope Benedict XVI's controversial plan to bring disenchanted conservative Anglicans into full communion with the Catholic Church.


Angelo Ventura said...

Catholics are poersecuting us gays.Yhat's the trut. And not all christians are catholic. Freedom of thought? Freedom of slander and chalumny, that's what biffi wants!

Anonymous said...

Holy Hanna, someone needs to look in the mirror and then look up the definition of hypocrite.

Didn't the Church just censure one of their own for not agreeing with their ideology? And as you pointed out, and history records, haven't they gone out of their way to inflict their ideology on every single culture they've come across and persecute those who refused to follow it?

Pot, meet kettle. Sheesh.