Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ken "Kookinelli" Cuccinelli Thinks Special Rights for Christians Is Fine

Proving yet again that electing a far right Christianist to high office puts the supposed constitutional rights of non-Christians and other disfavored minority groups at risk, Virginia's Christofascist Attorney General, Ken Kookinelli (once again working in tandem with Del. Bob Marshall) has issued an attorney general opinion that holds that Christians may now use public property, included government offices, for religious functions and other events. Kookinelli thinks it's just fine that those who do not drink the Christianist brand of Kool-Aid should help under write the cost of Christian events because after all Christians are special and should receive special rights. For the rest of us who might be Jewish, Muslim or agnostic, it's just too bad if we disagree or take offense that a toxic form of Christianity is being forced down our throats. I have long said that Cuccinelli is a menace to constitutional government and I can only hope that someone will drag his ass to federal court where is batshitery can be struck down. Not surprisingly, the loonies at Liberty Counsel are having near orgasms over this establishment of special rights for Christians just before the Christmas holidays - never mind that Christmas derives from the hijacking of pagan holidays by the Roman Catholic Church centuries ago. Here's a sample of the Liberty Counsel drivel:
In anticipation of the holiday season, Delegate Bob Marshall requested an opinion from the Virginia Attorney General’s office regarding the legality of nativity scenes.
In a detailed opinion, Cuccinelli shed light on the original intent of both the United States and Virginia Constitutions in regards to freedom of religion and concluded that the “establishment of religion” clause does not, in fact, compel local governments to restrict religious speech on public property. He further stated that the local governments themselves may recognize such religious holidays as Christmas, as long as religious symbols are accompanied by secular ones.
In another section of his opinion, Cuccinelli addressed an issue that many Christian employees face throughout the year, dealing with the right of public employees to display religious artwork or symbols in their offices. He concluded that only under certain limited conditions could the government restrict the religious speech of its employees. Liberty Counsel applauds the work being done by the Attorney General of Virginia.
The rest of the world moves forward while Virginia slides backwards in time. I can only wonder when Kookinelli will divine that segregation - even slavery - are fine because many of the the Founding Fathers were slave owners. Living in Virginia is truly an embarrassment much of the time.


Travis Johnson said...

Well, as long as ths applies to other holidays (like, say, Ramadan), this opinion should stand.

Michael-in-Norfolk said...

I agree that it'd be nice if it were to be evenly applied. However, somehow, I suspect that Kookinelli will be less understanding if someone wants to use public property for a Muslim or Hindu religious observance. With Bob Marshall and Kookinelli, it's always their beliefs that get preference.