Monday, November 15, 2010

The Two Obstacles to Gay Marriage

In The Stranger Dan Savage has a great answer to this question: What is the biggest barrier to the acceptance of gay marriage in the U.S.? Here's Dan's 100% on point answer:
There are two big barriers. First: all those loud, aggressive, and hypocritical right-wing "Christian" shitsticks who oppose marriage equality because of some supposedly anti-gay bullshit they read in the Bible while ignoring everything in the very same Bible that limits their own sexual freedoms—you know, all those motherfuckers who masturbate, fornicate, divorce, and remarry, and then turn around and oppose same-sex marriage because it "goes against their religion."
Second: all those quiet, timid, and cowardly NALT Christians out there who support marriage equality but have allowed their conservative coreligionists to hijack Christianity. ("NALT" stands for "not all like that," the phrase you hear from liberal Christians whenever you bitch about conservative Christians, i.e., "We're not all like that!" Yes, yes, NALTs—we know. You're not all like that. Don't tell us. Tell Tony Perkins, tell the pope, tell Maggie Gallagher.)

If the Christian Taliban is not countered, they may well totally kill the "Christian brand" in the eyes of coming generations - indeed, it is already happening. And all of the timid Christians who refuse to speak out against the Christian Taliban are ironically helping to kill the religion they claim to hold dear. Just because Chritianity has been around for many centuries doesn't mean it cannot die like many of its predecessors - think the cult of Isis, the Greek gods, and many, many others that are now dead religions.

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