Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More Florida Travels

This morning we are headed down to Key West by car and will cross the oversea highway which is a ribbon of islands and bridges that runs all the way out to Key West which is the southern terminus of US Route 1. Yesterday we had a great day out in M and D's boat - pictured above - and did a tour of the Inter-coastal Waterway and then a cruise up the coastline from the port of Ft. Lauderdale to Hillsborough and then back down the Inter coastal. The weather was perfect and we got plenty of sunshine. If the weather continues to be good, I will look like a Indian (I tan very easily) by the time we get back to Hampton Roads. On the way down to Key West we are stopping for lunch with another of the boyfriend's clients and her husband. Once we get to Key West I will have access again via my own computer (I've been using D's to post). I hope readers everywhere had a great weekend.

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