Friday, December 04, 2009

Northeaster Damage Repair Update

A number of readers have asked how the boyfriend an I are doing in terms of storm damage repair. The reality is that although we have had a number of estimates done, we are still waiting for the final settlement figure from the insurance company. Pending receipt of that, we are continuing to pack up dishes, artwork and window treatments that all must come out of the first floor before the demolition - tearing out sheet rock up to four feet from the floor and removing the remaining flooring - begins. We also had some roof damage for good measure so some ceilings upstairs need some slight repair.
We have rented a storage unit so that we will have somewhere to put everything, plus hold some of the furniture currently upstairs so that we have a more livable space while the downstairs is torn up. The plan is to replace the sheet rock with a type of concrete board which will be covered with a waterproof wainscoting. All of the downstairs floors will be marble so that in any future severe storm we can simply take up the oriental and area rugs and carry them upstairs. Total cost? Still not known but guessing in the at least $75,000 to $80,000 range. Tomorrow we will be moving some things to storage, although the weather forecast is not good. The next couple of months we will be living in a construction zone. Overall, I believe the damage estimates for the region have been low - so many homes suffered flooding or roof damage and corresponding plaster and floor/carpet damage.

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Anonymous said...

I went to one of my houses this week and the client said she was the only one still living on that street.

Here's hoping the insurance company comes through soon!