Sunday, November 29, 2009

UPDATE: Damning Report Released in Ireland on Catholic Church Sex Abuse Cover Ups.

All too typically I received a comment on a prior post on this topic accusing me of seeking new witch hunts against the Roman Catholic Church in the the USA. Needless to say, the comment was not published. Believe me, I'm not seeking witch hunts - just accountability and consequences for heinous malfeasance by the high clergy. I literally know of no other institution where such widespread callous disregard for the safety of children and youths would not have resulted in mass resignations and/or firings. Yet with the Church, all one gets is mealy mouthed apologies and strenuous efforts to avoid paying victims compensation for what the Church hierarchy allowed to happen and sought to cover up. The Church continues to inflict needless guilt and self-loathing on many and on gays in particular. Any institution that wants to label people as "inherently disordered" and a threat to society's structure in my view had damn well be squeaky clean itself. Copies of the Dublin Diocese report can be found here and here. I urge readers to check them out and then decide if accountability is not demanded.
If the Church wants to interfere with CIVIL law matters as it did in California, Maine and elsewhere such as is currently the case in Washington, D.C., then the FULL truth about the Church needs to be aired so that elected officials understand full well the fact that the Church leadership is in no position to lecture anyone about anything so long as its own house is harboring those who enabled and covered up rampant sexual abuse of children and minors. Ditto for the crap that the Church continues to disseminate to LGBT Catholics on celibacy and reparative therapy - on several occasions I have thrown the booklets in the trash when I see them in a Catholic church. The poison needs to be eradicated. Plain and simple.

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