Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Appearance on WHRV 89.5 FM Public Radio Today

UPDATED: From those who listened, it seems the show went well although we had nowhere near enough time to cover many issues I would have liked to cover. In my view, all of the other guests did a wonderful job. . For those interested, you can go here and download the show and listen.
I mentioned last week that I will be a guest on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis on WHRV 89.5 FM Public Radio for Hampton Roads a part of a round table group to discuss LGBT issues in Hampton Roads, Virginia. The show will air between 12:00 O'clock noon and 1:00 PM. The show is being billed as follows:
We've assembled a roundtable of members of the LGBT Community here in Hampton Roads to discuss some of the key issues impacting them. Guests: James L. Parker, President of Hampton Roads Pride, Jon Blair, CEO of Equality Virginia, Attorney Michael Hamar, who specializes in services for LGBT clients, Shannon Bowman, who, along with her partner, was recently denied family membership status at the Mallory Country Club, and Philip Deal, co-founder of GLBTLiveRadio.
I have only been on one call in show in the past and that was via telephone and involved the case of the gay employee fired by the Virginia Museum of Natural History (located in uber-conservative Martinsville, Virginia) for being gay. That case is now on appeal to the Virginia Court of Appeals. Thus, today will be a new experience.

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