Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Anonymous Cowards

I continue to receive nasty comments - which I will not publish - and e-mails from gutless, anonymous writers who are having conniption fits over my strong condemnation of homophobes within the ELCA and other denominations. To be candid, I worry less about the continued "unity" of the ELCA or the Episcopal Church than many in both churches. I believe it is more important to do what's right rather than what keeps everyone outwardly happy. Yes, I have called anti-gay elements "Neanderthal Homophobes" because in my opinion, that IS what they are. They selectively apply what are interpreted as anti-gay passages of the Bible - while utterly ignoring other inconvenient passages - to appease their delicate sensibilities. Meanwhile the homophobia they support still takes lives, both through anti-gay violence and needless suicides, and causes life to be a living hell for many LGBT youth and adults.
Yes, this is personal for me. A friend's brother - who was Lutheran by the way - killed himself because he could not accept his sexual orientation. Likewise, another friend from a conservative denomination killed himself by sitting in his running car in his garage. Both were talented, smart and wonderful young men. It was people like the "conservatives" within the ELCA who basically helped cause their deaths. I know others who because of toxic anti-gay religious backgrounds have become alcoholics, dependant on drugs, or engaged in self-destructive behavior again all because of homophobia that stems directly from the efforts of professional Christians and reactionary religious elements.
I believe that history will condemn the anti-gay conservatives of all denominations. In the case of the ELCA, I personally would rather see the anti-gay congregations leave and eventually wither and die. With societal changes, the gay accepting mindset of the younger generations, and further increases in medical and mental health knowledge about sexual orientation, these homophobes are swimming against a tide that in time will make them look as hateful as white supremacists and neo-Nazi elements.
My last question is one I have asked before? Why are these anti-gays reading a gay blog in the first place? As for the nasty commenters, take a good look in the mirror and think about those who you have basically helped kill.

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