Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Arizona to Possibly Mull Gay Marriage Ban - Again

First Florida and now possibly Arizona - the GOP is still up to its old gay-baiting tricks to try to turn out the Kool-Aid drinkers in November. It is very sad that instead of seeking to win based on the strength of the party's positions and policies, demonizing a segment of citizens (actual several when one considers immigrants and non-whites in addition to gays) is the principal "get out the vote" mechanism for the Republicans. To me, it indicates a bankruptcy of new ideas and a focus on moving the country forward instead of backwards. Here are some highlights from 365gay.com (http://365gay.com/Newscon08/02/021208ariz.htm):

Republican lawmakers on Monday proposed asking voters in November to amend the Arizona Constitution to ban same-sex marriage in the state, which was the first to turn down such a measure.The proposal was backed by 16 of 30 state senators, and an identical proposal was introduced in the House. Both chambers would have to approve the measure in a vote for it to be included on the ballot.Under the amendment, "only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state." The proposal comes after Arizona voters narrowly rejected a similar measure in November 2006.
State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, a Phoenix Democrat who led the opposition campaign to the 2006 measure, said she opposes the new proposal."I don't think it's needed. I don't think it's necessary," she said. "We've already had this fight a couple of times."The ballot measure proposal comes as a state commission prepares to review rule changes proposed by the administration of Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano that would provide health care and other employee benefits to the domestic partners of state government employees and retirees, no matter their gender.

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